27 JAN 16

Noctuidae is humming……………


THE HUM Exploratory Music and Dance is an exploratory club night at long-established Acud club space, Berlin-Mitte. Traveling into different temporalities, phenomena and politics of sound, dance, and club culture the Hum is a work in progress diving into sound art, DJ music and its relation with dance and the contributing audience.






23 SEP 15




Rolande Garros (GER/ MMODEMM)

If the world would be a different one and tennis a cosmoproletarian form of sport, this would be the music playing in the clubhouse, after the match.

Zink Tonsur, one half of the Frankfurt based performance-duo Les Trucs and his gadgetry perform sonic experiments somewhere between prog-, library-, electronic dance music and the french open.


Salsa is the new project of Loup Gangloff & Frederic Mancini collaboration (synths and drums duet Deux Boules Vanille). Two DIY analog synthesizers and a drum machine to mess around acid house, gamelan or drunken indian ragas. Salsa, the magical alliance between sauce and dance.

Plein soleil (FR)



Alex Solman (MFOC)



Golden Pudel

20 JUN 15

Noctuidae’s blurred edges


Valerio Tricoli (Palermo, Italy, 1977) is a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music.

Since the mid ’00 his main instruments for live presentations is the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder, used as a completely analogue / ergonomic device for live sampling and real-time transformation / editing / mixing of pre-recorded (field or studio recordings) and made-on-the-spot sound sources, small acoustic and electronic instruments, objects and the amplified sound of the room itself in which the concert takes place. His electro-acoustic studio compositions are aligned to the tradition of Musique concrète and explore themes of the internal – represented both by the psychological and the physical – and of the occult, which together with the large use of spoken text makes them often deeply existential works, self-investigations of the psychological, emotional and irrational horror within.


C: a sound in space performance

(The moth, in effect, was … ‘invented’ by the bat)


Dj: Nikae (Noctuidae/Golden Pudel)

11 MAR 15




NOVO LINE (Zaun Records)







Novoline is* alternatively-tuned polyphonic multi-rhythmic live-mixed live-generated parameter based unrendered unsequenced spontaneous improvised electronic music in real time via a software program on a 720kb floppy written in 1988 running on two Atari ST PCs using only era consistent hardware FM synthesis via MIDI.

Currently, the Novoline project is reflecting research in the fringe fields of electrical theory with relation to pythagorean tuning systems, which is highly enjoyable.

11 FEB 15




B/B/S  (Miasmah)

What happens when you take the founder of Miasmah records, Erik K Skodvin (aka Svarte Greiner and one half of Deaf Center), put him together with experimental drummer and electroacoustic musician Andrea Belfi and throw in a prolific drone metal avant-everything composer, Aidan Baker (also member of Nadja with Leah Buckareff)? Well, you get what is known as a ‘supergroup‘ in the underground circles (thinking here of Supersilent, Mortiz Von Oswald Trio and Black Elk), that’s what happens, and the result is beyond all expectations. Closer to the darker experimental and improvisational explorations of each individual artist’s output, the début collaboration under the B/B/S/ abbreviation is nothing but a marvel of sinister grandeur. Driven by an upbeat rhythm of Belfi’s abstract percussion, the deep distorted undertones of Baker’s versatile bass and the scratching growling of Skodvin’s bowed guitar, Brick Mask manages to capture the combined elements of post-everything doom-metal where each musician uniquely represents his own aesthetic in sound, while managing to seamlessly blend the output into one single stream of consciousness, as if these three have been at it for some time. This is yet another illegitimate mongrel of Berlin’s swarming and dense music scene, and one only wish for this ménage à trois to keep fertile for the many years to come! (Headphone Commute)





The Recording Industry has ruined an entire generation  (Waiting)






Golden Pudel Club


8 MAY 14

Noctuidae x Welle Ultra



Karen Gwyer (Opal Tapes/No Pain In Pop)