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The sound on this release has been examined and produced throughout November and December 2018 in Frankfurt am Main during a music-residency initiated and hosted by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and MMODEMM.






********** TAPE RELEASE ‚Surfacing underneath‘ **********


Psykick Dancehall Recordings





Release on First Terrace Records Compilation Tape

1. Machinefabriek – Clarinet Tape/Piano Tape 05:43

2. Nur – DLA3 03:42

3. Zohastre – MVTMJSUNP 05:02

4. Sukitoa O Namau – Cette phrase a-t-elle été écrite avant ou après que la maison ne soit détruite 03:24

5. C. Diab – Daniel and Henrik Battle the Bull of Heaven at Uruk 05:37

6. Rupert Clervaux – Ignescent 08:05

7. Ola Saad – Running 03:49

8. Daniel Klag – Partial 04:08

9. Chra – Red Robin 04:58

10. Nika Son – Wrill Nos Tad 04:41

11. Vida Vojić – Untouch 02:45

12. Specimens – All Life Eventually Turns To Dust 07:33

13. Angélica Negrón / Janus Trio – Drawings for Meyoko 07:35


NIKA SON on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray compilation series

Annual General Meeting Record – Volume 1 – to be released on Digital and Limited Edition Cassette

Profits from all releases of the Annual General Meeting Record series will go to a different charity every year. Volume I is in aid of the NGO charity – Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders (MSF).


Septobel – Benge

Ravoir – Ausschuss

33 – Bernholz

Disquiet – Alex Painter (Great Pagans)

Wyndow Hole – Nika Son

Fizzy Logic – Deeds

Polite Applause – Acquaintance

Iliim – Rosen

Outer Body – Gazelle Twin

Slipping – Don’t Look

Resolute – Future Image

New For You! – Cardinal Fang



MDM B – a five-cassingle-box-set with tracks by:

HYPNOBEAT (James Dean Brown & Helena Hauff)









on Noctui


a  muzak I / krack sea / muzak II

b fogedge / splitter / muzak I

30min Tape. Limited Edition of 65. With handmade slipcase and inlay.



Disquiet Hippo

on Noctui


on limited edition of tapes / CD-R  and DL

a  Disquietude I  /  Panda  /  Nocturne

b  Wand  /  Toinosee  /  Disquietude II

Mastered by Gavin Weiss.


Jöusan  on the compilation:

Gravity’s Drop Out (Tracks For Non-Existent Movies)

on Alrealon Musique


Carousel I  (as Nikacis) on:

MIX-TAPE-RELEASE >>Demo Dandies #1

Released on the Tape-Label

Wir Rufen Zurück

of Felix Kubin and Felix Reithel.

A joint venture between Gagarin Records and Sozialistischer Plattenbau.

Split 7inch  on m.m label:

The Soundpiece „Song for Tristesse“ from the eponymous Sound-Slide-Installation (2010) was released July 2011 on m.m label.

Split 7inch

A-side: Nika Breithaupt „Song for Tristesse“

B-side: Thorsten Soltau & Herr Penschuck „Die verlorene TI-Jazz Symphonie“

Limited of 100 numbered copies on transparent vinyl.

Cover Artwork: Nika Breithaupt & Thorsten Soltau

More information:

Song for Tristesse